Sports Hypnosis

Hypnosis for sports is a growing industry, yet most athletes are not aware of what it can do for their performances. Here are just a few ways in which hypnosis can be used to make dramatic improvements, especially when used in conjunction with other change techniques like NLP:- Overcoming slumps- Dealing with pressures from family, significant others, or the media- Overcoming a “sticking point” in practice- Calming down a reckless athlete in order to be more “coachable”- Overcoming the fear of the pressures of the playoffs or championship- Overcoming the negative emotions from past failuresIn addition to overcoming negative situations and emotional challenges, sports hypnosis also can help athletes improve their current strengths to give them an edge over fellow competitors. Some examples include:- Faster reaction time for techniques (such as a baseball hitter increasing his reaction time to a slider)- Helping a team’s natural leader increase his or her leadership skills- Increasing strength and speed with visualizations done under a hypnotic trance- Taking the emotions of past successes and applying them to future scenarios such as upcoming tryouts, championships, or scouting combines- Improving the odds that a newly-learned skill will become an ingrained habit through mental repetition under hypnotic trance.As you can see, sports hypnosis can be used in a number of ways. Whether it is to overcome fears and emotional traumas or improving positive traits, sports hypnosis is a flexible tool. And it is one which you should consider studying as athletes progress in the future.

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