Putting Digital Colors in a Different Hue

Nowadays in the digital technology world, consumers are getting more inclined in the digital imaging market. As compared before, digital imaging tools like digital cameras, color printers and color scanners became less expensive, thus more accessible to eager users. Digital colors, along with their inherent complexities accompany the boom of digital imaging technology.With due consideration to the complaints of typical end-users that the colors on the monitor do not match with the printed item, there is a need for proper understanding and the right color model to go around the intricate behavior of digital color. Very few people understand the theory of how digital color works even with much technological advances in it. A printer’s inability to go around the intricacies of these new color technologies can lead to a general decline of consumers.Ways have been made in order to fully comprehend and tap the great potential of digital color as a new color technology today. We have Spittin’ Image Software to thank for an introduction of a new “low-tech” invention that lay down the principles of digital color and sheds new light to digital colors. This is aptly named COLORCUBE.The Colorcube is just recently patented in the United States. It is a three-dimensional model wherein one can understand and even teach the digital color theory. Through this elegant color representation, the gapSpittin’ Image Software introduces a new “low-tech” invention designed to explain the principles of digital color. This recently U.S.-patented device, aptly named the COLORCUBE, serves as a physical model of how color is stored, manipulated, and reproduced using digital processing. Colorcube can be a solution in order that the gap between additive and subtractive systems of color can be resolved. It could also define the computer technology methods by which colors are stored, manipulated, and reproduced.How do Colorcube puts color in a different light for us?Not everyone may know this – There are 10 steps in understanding digital color. These steps are introduced in the Colorcube Digital Color Model. And we definitely won’t leave you with just a brief introduction of what Colorcube is…Here’s a list-down of Colorcube’s features and advantages as the latest color model.

How the Human Eye sees Color

Identifying Primary Colors

Additive and Subtractive Color

Color Models

Storing images in computers

Visualizing a color space

Color Mixing

Color selection

Color manipulation

Color mapping and calibration

As industries reputed in art and science converge to the digital domain, a unified vision of color must emerge. Colorcube can give a definitive model for that vision. It is a positive step that Color cube international patent has been arranged and pending. Wouldn’t it be a delight to discover color anew?

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